If your child has special health care needs, trust that our team at 3 Rivers Pediatric Dentistry will will custom tailor the delivery of care to fit their specific needs. Dr. Foster and Dr. Ziegler have gained training in both dental school and in their pediatric residency in working with patients who have special needs. Our team is trained to work with your child no matter what his or her needs may be. We have the experience, patience, and knowledge to help your children through their dental cleanings and treatment, and we have a variety of sedation and anesthesia options available if needed. Before your appointment, please call us to provide us specific details of your child’s condition (whatever information you can provide would be helpful). Rest easy knowing our team is well prepared for your child’s visit. Also, if you feel your child would benefit from a “desensitization” appointment to walk through the office and get familiar with the dental environment ahead of time, our team would be happy to assist you in getting that scheduled.

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